Global Wireless Broadband : Next mobile generation for IIUM Community


As we can see our mobile service today has equipped with the latest technology embodied. Application like MMS, email , mobile web browser (firefox), video call, Fixed mobile convergence (FMC), mobile extension, could deliver easily via 3G. Everybody could run all of these application as long as they are within 3G coverage. Limited coverage right?.... Well after the GPRS (40kbps) evolve to egde (300kps) , then to 3G (2MBps) , and then HSDPA (3.6Mbps), the next generation (4G) of mobile network would run at least 300Mbps. Using what ?...They call it as Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMax).


Future Laptop: How it is going to be?

Surprisingly if we can see today, a huge number of laptop user increase dramatically since last 5 years. What makes the laptop become more popular than desktop is about their mobility + price = really affordable. Even Today you can own a laptop only for RM 1,900.00. Really cheap huh…The different between laptops is on their performance capability. The higher features you require, the higher price it would be.

It is not about Laptop price we want to talk right now, but it`s design in the future. What it will look like? let see…..

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CPU battle : Is AMD really going to die?


I still remember somewhere in middle of 2000 when I bought my first PC with my own money ( still 19 that time), the latest AMDk6-II 500 MHz. Really awesome. And I ran it with Windows 2000 (Win2k) since I still blind with Linux during that time. That was my first PC and I really love it. I don`t care if the blower make jumbo jet sound or even the CPU can cook egg 2 or 3 times as long as I can get rid of Intel PC (bad experience when my father bought me stupid 486 with win 3.1). As the time goes along, so do my PC as well, from Thunderbird to Sempron and the latest AMD Athlon X2-dual core (waiting for phenom X4 series ). All generation dammed good. Even the market penetration done by AMD (Anti- Microsoft Development ….heheheh) was very very great until the middle of 2006.

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Windows 7 - New transform from slumpy Vista product or backward roadmap?


Microsoft has recently announced a new baby birth from Microsoft family, called Windows 7, which will be a predecessor for Windows Vista and Xp soon. Well, hearing this kind of thing would give a lot in mind. Why they have to come with new windows product very soon? Is the vista not good enough to sustain the requirement of global need? or the XP already run out of petrol so then they cannot boost further?


Google Chrome - Yet another stupid product from google ?

bill.jpggoogle-chrome-inside-out-2.jpg larry.jpg

When talk about google, just imagine a guy with huge money and with idiot vision and mission. I am not saying about google`s prime contribution towards helping billions of people searching what they are looking for, but when they got huge money in their pocket. But we have to bare in mind, people says idiot today but it will become brilliant tomorrow.

If we screen on the google history, on what their major development on the online services, we might think all the stupid habit that they have ( well at least at the first stage of development). Back to Google Docs, just imagine, who could write their P&C data online and keep it through online? And further more will become worse scenario if our internet connection is off, since only few has install dedicated network while others still depend on the trusted network (like my country - stupid streamyx, always cut off. also slumpy maxis and celcom broadband - really disappointing). Then, who should be blamed to? But that not an issue for google Docs when it has the capability the share our document online and present it online, while microsoft docs cannot. Google Web office will be a great compliment but not replacement to the Office service.

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mobile phones@ mobile scanner , really practicle?


Sooner or later, everyone needs a document scanner around the house. It’s practical, and a huge relief for the paranoid.You even don`t need to harshly doing multiple just want to scan let say your important document from your boss.It`s still very rare today people use digital signature for their letter, instead they are more convenient to sign by their own original handwriting. And as for advance environment like IIUM wireless home, users might want to email document or fax it over IP just as fast as possible, without go through scanner box. For this solution, there is one mobile product which really can deliver a reasonable result if you wanna make it as a mobile scanner, Iphone.

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